In order for us to be able to offer our Customers the option of utilising a system scaffold alongside traditional tube and fitting as the means of access on their future projects, we have chosen to make a major investment in the Ringscaff system.

After much research into the system products available to scaffolding contractors in the UK, we decided to place our business with Scafom Rux and in particular their Ringscaff system.

Over the past 18 months we have worked in conjunction with Scafom on providing our customers with the most efficient and cost effective way of meeting their access requirements.

As scaffolding contractors we appreciate that not all contracts will benefit from the use of a system scaffold.

Various factors will determine whether or not sufficient savings in time and costs can be made, and therefore passed on to the benefit of our customers. Our estimators are happy to discuss and make recommendations for each individual project.

The decision to invest in a system product has not been taken lightly as alongside the product itself comes the added challenge of training and logistics.

Our scaffolders have been trained in the use of Ringscaff and their CISRS cards suitably endorsed to comply with current regulations. Alongside our existing fleet of HGV lorries we now have a 26 tonne Scania with a truck mounted hiab crane. This speeds up the loading and unloading of the palletised Ringscaff on site as well in our depot. Our drivers have all been trained and obtained competency cards in the safe use of the crane.

To view projects already carried out utilising the Ringscaff system please visit our Gallery.

If you would like a free quote on a Ringscaff system job, then please feel free to visit our Contact Page.

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