National Trust Renovation Work, West Wycombe.

west wycombe 1

We are currently undertaking major works involving several properties owned by the National Trust in a quaint little village known as West Wycombe. Our remit for these works is to cover the properties with a temporary roof system allowing roofing repairs etc to be continued without weather disruption. The National Trust have a 3 year plan in this village creating new roofs / insulation, chimney repairs and internal decorations with complete fit outs. No property is straight and most have little out buildings everywhere, creating what can only be described in some cases as a scaffolders nightmare but all in all good hard thinking work. It is nice to have a difference in your day.  Agile Scaffolding are delighted to be working together with the The National Trust and the main contractor FWA Group and hope we can continue our good relationship into the hopefully busy future .