Agile Scaffolding Contractors Ltd are pleased to be able to offer a bespoke access service for all types of functions.

From festivals, (music or beer) to exhibitions, corporate entertainment and media events.

Some examples of what we have been called on to provide in the past include;

  • Stages for bands,
  • Start and Finish demarcation pods for fun runs and marathons,
  • Camera Towers,
  • Level bases for marquees and roller skating rinks,
  • Beer racks,
  • Barbeque shelters and temporary roofs,
  • Advertising hoarding and enclosures,
  • Public access staircases and Bridges,
  • Clay pigeon towers, including staircases,
  • Ramps and walkways.

Utilising our large stocks of the Ringscaff system with steel decks or traditional tube and fittings with scaffold boards, we can design and build structures, large or small, complex or straight forward,to suit your requirements and importantly your budget.

Agile Scaffolding Business Cards